Learn How To Invest - The ultimate stocks investment guide

“You don’t have to be a genius to become an investment expert, but you better stay away from all those Get-Rich-Quickly schemes sold in many sites around the web”.

I wrote that well over 14 years ago, in Hebrew, on my Israeli stocks investment guide and blog. Time passed, my blog became a go-to source for Israeli investors, I started writing for several economic Israeli newspapers and became a portfolio manager for some very wealthy individuals.

Things haven’t changed much since then. I still argue that you could become a successful investor, and If you want to learn how to invest, I can teach you step by step how to get there.

What we cover, what we don’t

Value investing is a proven method, used by many well-known investment gurus worldwide, including Warren Buffett, and it will be the focus of this school. Contrarily, it was proven by hundreds of academicĂ‚ studies that technical analysis doesn’t work, so we won’t cover that here.

Value investing relies on assessing a company’s value, based on its performance, reports, the market its in and macro events, and determining whether the stock’s price is fair, cheap (undervalued) or overvalued in comparison with our valuation.

What will you learn

This stocks investment guide will teach you about investment alternatives such as Stocks, Indexes, Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Bonds, which broker to choose, how to build a portfolio aligned with your character and investment goals, how to buy cheap stocks and sell them at a profit and more.
In short, I will teach you how to invest your savings smartly and safely, so these will turn into an impressive sums to help you achieve your future desires.

Remember: Even if you read through all these tutorials in one blow, you will not become an overnight investment guru. It takes time and planning to prepare a strategy and practice it. The more you read and practice, the more confident you will become about your investments, and the results will sooner follow.

The Long Run Plan School will teach you all you need to know in order to wisely and responsibly invest in the stock market – Tutorials, Stock Reviews, Tips, Investment Ideas and many other articles covering saving and investments.

The more you read into it, the more trained and informed you will be about picking your next successful investment.

It’s never too late to start investing. start today.