How it works

This site allows you to follow, and if you want to, copy my stock portfolio. The portfolio consists of spin-off stocks which are traded primarily on the stock exchanges in the US and some other main stock exchanges around the world, selected and handpicked after a thorough analysis, and purchased at a large discount compared to their fair value. What is a large discount? I like buying a dollar and paying only 50 cents for it, i.e. buy a stock for less than half the price of its real worth.

My Spin-Off Investment Strategy

This investment strategy is based on “buy at the low price and sell for the fair value”, so after purchasing the shares, I hold on to them patiently for as long as necessary, until they are back at their fair price. Statistically, it takes a spin-off share an average of 2 years until it reaches the maximal excess return over the market, so most of the shares are sold close to this point in time. However, there are cases where the stocks continue to be attractive, which is why I choose to keep them for longer. My stock portfolio is presented on the “recommended stocks” page and usually, consists of at least 15 to 20 stocks from various spin-offs.

If you decide to copy my portfolio (after carefully reading the Terms & Conditions), here’s the most efficient way to do this, in my opinion:

1. Open an investment account with a private broker

There is a variety of brokers and banks in which you can manage your portfolio. To reduce the fees and trading costs, I recommend you open an account with a leading discount broker, for example, Interactive Brokers. This way you’ll pay a trading commission of less than one cent per share, and lower management fees.

2. Decide how much you want to invest

Only invest in stocks surplus money which you will not need in the next five years. Money which you’ll need in the coming years is better to invest only in risk-free investments, such as deposits and short-term government bonds.

3. Building and managing your portfolio

The most efficient way to copy my portfolio is by choosing 15 to 20 stocks out of the list of recommended stocks, buying them in the same amount of money, and selling each of them when they go off the list. After selling a stock from your portfolio, buy a new stock in its place out of the recommended list at the time.

If the list has less than 15 stocks on it, leave the remaining money in cash or short-term deposit with your broker, to be available to purchase new shares which will be added to the list in the future.

Once a year (or twice a year if you prefer, but not more frequent than that) it is wise to rebalance the portfolio. This means selling units from stocks that went up and buy additional units from stocks that went down, so each position will again be with an equal amount of money.

For additional practical instruction about “how to copy my portfolio” go here.

The success of your portfolio depends primarily on you – your persistence and patience over time

My investment strategy is based on purchasing shares traded at attractive prices and holding on to them patiently over a period of several years on average. Along the way, each share may rise and fall significantly without me selling it. This is the best way to succeed in the stock market. Take that into consideration if you want to succeed too.