Investment strategies to increase your stock portfolio returns

Our mission is to make these proven-profitable value-investing strategies simple, and available to everyone.

The Portfolio

A long-term oriented portfolio composed of high-quality, not leveraged, companies that are bought at a deep discount below fair value and held patiently to maximize their returns. The portfolio outperformed the indices yielding 23.5% per year on average since launched in 2004.

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The Screeners

Build a successful portfolio in 10 minutes once a year using super-attractive stocks based on the criteria of the world’s most famous investors, such as Net-Nets, Spin-Offs, Piotroski F-Score, O’Shaughnessy Tiny Titans, The Acquirer’s Multiple and more, which have been defeating the indices for decades.

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The Stock Reviews

Learn how to turn your money lying in the bank into a successful stock portfolio, using the methods of the most successful investors in the world, and get to know the hottest stocks on the market before other investors even hear about them.

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How Warren Buffett and Other Gurus Choose Their Winning Stocks?

The fact

Each company has an economical value (fair value) determined by the results of its operations. Higher cash flows means higher valuation, thus higher stock price.

The method

Smart investors use this value investing philosophy to search for companies that are temporarily traded below this fair value, meaning they are attractive undervalued investments.

The money

Buy a stock when it’s undervalued, wait patiently, and sell at a profit when it returns to the right price.

All strategies on the Long Run Plan work exactly according to this principle and therefore beating the market big time.

So what really works in stock investing?

Works for decades

Sure way to lose your money

Manage a portfolio of 15-30 sharesTrading for the short term (Day trading)
Choose quality companies without high debtTechnical analysis
Focus on deep undervalued stocksForex (Currency Trading)
Invest in growth companies from sectors with growing demandShort-term options
Hold stocks patiently, even for few yearsToo large leverage
Don’t buy and sell too oftenInvesting like the herd and following market trends
Ignore economic events and negative news
Take advantage of market volatility (buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying)

Who Am I (Dr. Yinon Arieli)?

  • A value investor for 18 years
  • Expertise in identifying valuation distortions and special situations
  • Managing millions of dollars for large investors
  • Successfully managed the LongRunPlan portfolio since 2004 (22.7% IRR)
  • Writing stock recommendations on leading financial journals

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