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The importance of the financial statements

Each public company is required to publish a quarterly financial statement at the end of the first 3 quarters and a more comprehensive annual statement at the end of the year (which also includes the…

What is the best stock strategy for you?

Everyone has the intellectual skills to successfully choose stocks to your portfolio. However, this stock picking requires an in-depth analysis of each stock. Such an analysis may take quite a while and involve reading financial…

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How Spinoffs Shares Outperform the Market Index

A comprehensive study conducted at Purdue University revealed that spinoff shares achieved an excess return of more than 10% per year above the US stock market return over 36 years – between 1965 and 2000….

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Where can you study about spinoffs

A spin-off, as is well known, is the separation of a subsidiary from the parent company by a distribution of shares as dividends to shareholders of the parent company, or, alternatively, by selling shares to…

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What is a Spin-Off Stock?

Sometimes, a company comes to a conclusion that the activities of its subsidiaries or one of the divisions in its possession, is not consistent with the operations of the holding company. For example, the young…

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Follow a successful stocks portfolio

This is how $100 in the long-run-plan stocks portfolio has grown since its launch in 2004, compared to the stock market. How did my stock portfolio achieve these returns? A comprehensive study conducted at Purdue…

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My name is Dr. Yinon Arieli and I’m a value investor. I have been investing in the stock market since 2001. My main business is managing investments for large international investors, which means that I…