An unprecedented number of people are keen to invest in stocks and leverage the opportunities during Covid-19 crisis

We’ve been overwhelmed (and somehow shocked!) by the overwhelming number of people that are joining our service, looking to invest money in stocks during this crisis. Our website traffic has jumped by 78% in the month of March compared to March 2019, and our number of paid subscriptions grew by 35% in one week alone!

People understand how markets bounce after financial crises, and the valuation of solid and profitable companies across many industries is plummeting across many industries. Technology, manufacturing, transportation, and even tourism are a few examples. Some of these companies have significant cash reserves to weather the crisis, and once the pandemic is over will undoubtedly bounce back. 

Where is this interest and growth coming from?

  1. Traffic Growth: people are spending more time at home and investors, both professional and beginners are looking for new ways to optimize their investments. This isn’t only benefiting our blog but people also have more time to make online research when researching companies they’re considering investing in. Our web traffic skyrocketed by over 78% in March, a great sign that LongRunPlan is fast becoming an essential destination for investors looking for market insights and expertise.
  1. Subscription Growth: at the heart of LongRunPlan is our growing community of subscribers. They enjoy the benefits of getting the latest news and updates on market shifts and changes and receive attractive stock ideas. With the current events unfolding quickly around the world and stock market movements changing at lightning speed, we are happy to support our subscribers with the latest updates. In one week alone, we increased our subscriber number by over 35% – or the equivalent of subscriptions we experience over the whole of 2019!

Of course we’re excited to see more people showing interest in making the most of their investments and spending time and effort educating themselves on selecting the right opportunities. As a result of this growth, stay tuned for the launch of our brand new mobile app “Yinon’s Stock Ideas” to give our growing community the ability to get alerts and notifications as and when they happen, plus many other features which we will reveal very soon.

While we look forward to this crisis ending soon, experience tells us that markets will go up again and the decisions that investors make today could significantly impact their wealth for years to come. But this isn’t a secret or anything new, that’s why we’re excited to see so many people keen to discover new ideas and opportunities through LongRunPlan.

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