The annual portfolio-member conference (Januarry 2018 at Tel-Aviv)

On January 24, 2018, I will hold the annual conference for the members of “Yinon Portfolio” – the Hebrew version of the LongRunPlan portfolio. In my lecture, I will summarize the past year and try to look forward to what is expected in 2018. Among other things, I will address the following topics:

1. Has the stock market risen too high to a bubble level?

2. Update on the shares in the portfolio, including my three favorites

3. Bitkin – revolution or crazy bubble?

And more interesting stuff…

If you happen to be in Tel-Aviv (ISRAEL) on this date, send me an email and I will be happy to have you at the conference. In any case, I will try to summarize the main points of the lecture on the site.

Hopefully, I’ll hold conferences in the US as well in the future…


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  1. It’d be nice to post a video
    • Most of the lecture will be in Hebrew… but I’ll upload here a detailed summary in English so you won’t miss anything important.
      • Fabulous
  2. Great!